Thursday, September 4, 2014

Days Three and Four || Dreams and Things

So...... I missed yesterday. I'm combining days three and four into one blog post. It really works out well for  me because I have loads to say about "What I want to be when I grow-up," and not so much about "Fashion."

 (Icons have been accumulated over the course of years of internet browsing. Not sure who to credit, but here's me publicly stating that I didn't create them.)

I want to write, travel, and read. Is that really too much to ask? I want to be an author. I want to write books that capture the hearts of many, that shine lights into the darkness that is our world, and that are able to glorify the Lord. I know you're thinking that there are already too many "Christian Fiction" authors that never reach beyond the population of a Lifeway bookstore. Sure, I want my books in Lifeway, but I want to be a Christian writer that is able to write works that are attractive even to the unbeliever. If we write just to a Christian audience, how will we ever reach the lost?

I want to travel and do mission work. The Lord has placed a calling in my heart for children's ministry and missions. I'm not positive on the time duration for missions, but it is in my future in some capacity. In my hometown tucked away in the middle of the Bible belt, I never really thought about people not having heard the Gospel before. Even before I was saved, I had heard about Jesus and about Bible stories. It's just something that's commonplace where I'm from. I learned once I hit high school that not everyone was a Christian, whether they claimed it or not. When I came to college however, I realized that there was desperate need for the Gospel. At my small private baptist college, there are so many that don't know Christ. In this city, there are so many that need Jesus. Most of them have at least had a chance to hear the Gospel. What about in those countries where people haven't even heard wind of what a Bible is? What about in the areas of the world where it's illegal to be a Christian? We take for granted how good we have it here.

As for traveling, I really want to visit Spain. I making steps toward speaking Spanish fluently and hope to be able to do so within the next year. I also want to visit Venice and London just for personal pleasure. They're just so beautiful!

Now fashion. That I don't know much about. I'm the girl that's in nike shorts and a t-shirt 95% of the time. The other times, I immediately change into shorts and a t-shirt once I'm done with whatever special occasion made me decide to look halfway decent. So, for fashion....uhhh. I like pretty much anything from Maurices. I like Old Navy shorts and button-up shirts. But for real, the majority of my clothing is t-shirts. So there's me. :)

If there are any prayer needs, let me know! :) Check out Brave Love Blog if you want to get linked up in the #blogtemberchallenge! Until tomorrow, (hopefully I don't forget again :) ).

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  1. I love your when I grow up part, I can't think of anything better than travelling, reading, writing and spreading messages as you go :)

    lovely post! I'm an easy fashioner as well, comfort any time of the day!