Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day Two || Happiness

Welcome to day two of the #blogtemberchallenge. Today, our prompt is to write about what makes us happy, from the small things to the game-changers.

What makes Alexa happy? 

First and foremost, the Lord makes me happy. The fact that He loves me enough to have sent Jesus to die for my sins amazes me. It is my daily prayer that I delight in the Lord and in His Word, because sometimes I have no motivation to read it or to seek Him. But Praise God that He forgives me for even those moments when I don't feel like putting forth any effort to do anything more than lay in my bed and eat cookie dough.

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light."  - Dumbledore (J.K. Rowling)

Secondly, I love Harry Potter: books, movies, fanfiction, spin-offs. Major props to J.K. Rowling for inventing a world that so many have fallen in love with. Her characters personify different characteristics that each of us have, even some of them that we may not know about ourselves. My favorite character is Draco Malfoy. Anyone that knows me knows that I'll make any argument to say that he's not the devil incarnate. He has a heart, despite popular belief. The fact that Tom Felton is beautiful is just a perk for my liking his character.

Writing brings me much joy. I feel as though when we put to use the talents that God has blessed us with, we are going to reap joy. Though others may not deem what I write worthy of being written, writing is the only way that I feel like I can properly convey my thoughts. I love writing poetry, fiction, devotionals; I just love to write.

Other things that bring me joy are:

My yorkie Mufasa. Books. Vintage books with old pages. Shakespeare. Criminal Minds. Crafts. Painting. Cookie Dough. Video games. Cold days. The beach. Cherry Dr. Pepper. Hand written cards. Scrapbook paper. LSU Football. Colored Felt-tip pens. Planners. EOS Chapstick. Duck Dynasty. Nutella. Writing outside.Coffee. Blogging. Children's Ministry. Mango Sweet Tea. Sonic's happy hour. Tanya Runyan's Poems. Khan's Mongolian Grill. Food in general. Studying in solitude. Coloring with children. Watching movies. Scary movies. Working out. Index cards. Corkboards. Germ-x. Camelbak water bottles. Air conditioning. Football games with friends.

Thank you for sticking around and reading my ramblings. Hope that this post has found you in good spirits and good health. Personally, I'm trying not to let my allergies kick me to the curb. If any of you have anything that I can pray for, let me know! If you haven't linked up with the #blogtemberchallenge by Bailey at BraveLoveBlog, what are you waiting for?! Until tomorrow, my friends.

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  1. Love this! What a loving and forgiving God we serve!❤️