Monday, September 1, 2014

.001 || About the Author

I'm super excited to participate in the Blog-tember challenge. I feel as thought it'll propel me over this mountainous writer's block I've been experiencing lately and it will incorporate me into a fantastic community of bloggers. The #blogtemberchallenge is headed up by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog. She's awesome and a great friend of mine. So why not participate in this challenge? :) Today's prompt is About the Author.

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About the Author: 

Though she was born in southwest Arkansas, Alexa lived the majority of her life in a small town in northwest Louisiana. She excelled in sports and academics throughout her junior high and high school careers. After graduating valedictorian from her high school, Alexa ventured three hours south into central Louisiana for college. She currently attends Louisiana College, a private baptist school, where she is a senior.

If you would have asked her where she would be attending college during the majority of her high school years, the answer would not have been LC. It wasn't until March 25 of her senior year that she felt God's calling to pursue an English degree at the division three school. An avid fan of LSU football (GEAUX TIGERS!), Alexa had aspired to pursue her degree in Baton Rouge, LA, at the aforementioned university. As senior year approached, her plans changed. Her top choices going into senior year were ULM and ULL. The Lord had other plans.

Alexa's life was changed just after her sophomore year in high school. She accepted Jesus as Savior during May 2009. Though she has struggled and failed numerous times, God is good and loves her even when she is the most unlovable. The desires of Alexa's heart are to glorify the Lord both through her writing and through her work in children's ministry. She knows that without the Lord's saving grace, she would be headed down the long, gloomy path to nowhere. With the Lord, however, the possibilities are endless. :)

Alexa's hobbies include writing, reading, doing craft activities, playing video games, and enjoying time with family and friends. Though she no longer plays in the official competitive leagues of softball, she enjoys playing coed slowpitch when the opportunities arise. Her favorite books include, but are not limited to, the Harry Potter series, Divergent Trilogy, Hunger Games trilogy, and the Mortal Instruments series. She also enjoys reading books by Matt Chandler and Beth Moore.

If Alexa were to write a novel, which you know she does, it would involve interweaving her faith through the characters and (hopefully) writing it in such a way that it not only attracted her Christian audience, but would reach unbelievers as well.

I enjoyed writing about myself too much, I think. :) Ah well, if you finished reading all of that, thanks! I appreciate your willingness to read about me. If there's anyway that I can be praying for you, or someone you may know, just drop a comment. In case you don't know about the #blogtemberchallenge, tomorrow's prompt is writing about what makes you happy! Visit braveloveblog to see the list of prompts!


  1. Glad to "meet" you, Alexa! Loved what you had to say! I, too, am a Jesus lover & follower - it still amazes me that He'd love me when I'm such a mess so often, but He does. He does. =) We've also got a love of writing, crafts, & video games in common. Maybe we're soul sisters! At least we're sisters-in-Christ for sure! Hope you have a sweet week!

    1. Awe thanks! Glad to "meet" you too! :) It's always a pleasure to meet sisters-in-Christ! Hope you have a fantastic week, as well! God bless!

  2. i haven't read 'the mortal instruments' series yet, but i looove the other books/authors you mentioned!

    1. You should give them a look! They're written by Cassandra Clare. :)

  3. Hi Alexa! I went to a private Baptist University too (in Dallas)....loved it allowed me to grow in my faith SO SO SO much!!